Frequntly asked questions :

Q 1. I have placed my order. What next ?

Ans : Sit back and relax! Once your order is confirmed, we will share the order id and tracking details via E-mail/SMS.

Q 2. Why have I not received my order yet?

Ans : Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that your order might get delayed. We will send you an E-mail/SMS  informing you about the delay along with the new expected delivery date.

Q 3. What is the difference between shipping and delivery?

Ans : Shipping refers to packing and dispatching of your order. While placing an order, you will find a shipping timeline on the products displayed on the website (e.g. dispatched within 5 days). This refers to the number of working days it will take to dispatch the product from our end. The delivery may take 1-3 days depending on the address specified for the order.

Q 4. Do I have to pay any shipping and delivery charges?
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