Electronic Current Overload Relay

Electronic Current Overload Relay
Electronic Current Overload Relay Electronic Current Overload Relay
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Electronic Current Overload Relay:-
Two of three phase motor currents are monitored by current transformers. The internal solid state circuitry compares with preset current level.
When load currents exceeds the preset trip level,red LED iIIuminates,after the preset time, the device trips, and changes internal SPDT relay
contacts.Red LED remains illuminated indicating an overload trip has occurred. Until manual or remote electrical reset by interrupting supply,
is initiated.If load current falls off below setpoint before preset delay, device resets trip timer. With the aid of LED flashing at 100% of
preset load, actual load currents can be determined without the aid of Ammeter. Test button provides the means of testing service-worthiness
and integrity of the device. Internal relay iS energized in normal operation condition(fail—safe) and will not become ready mode with either
supply lost or own failure.

*Starting delay range : O.2—30 seconds.
*Trip delay time range:0.2-10 seconds.
*May be used as electronic shearpin by setting trip time to minimum.

1.Phase Loss Protection
2.Typical Wiring
3.Compact Design
4. Multiple Protection Functions
5.Wide Current Adjustment Range (10: 1)
6.Ammeter Function
7.Trip Indication LED
8.High Accuracy
9.Manual Instantaneous Reset
10.Electrical Remote Reset
11.Test Function
12.Ambient Insensitive
13.Low Energy Consumption
14. Fail-safe Operation (No Volt Release)

Wide Adjustment Range:Has wide current adjustment range of over 10.1 .
Current Setting:-*a)Type 05:0.5-6A*b)Type30:3-30A*c)Type60:5-60A
Control Voltage(50/60Hz)*a)220:90-260VAC*b)440:320-480VAC <p>Output Relaya)Mode: 1-SPDT(1C)*b)Rating:3A/250VAC Resistive*c)Status: Normally Energized
Time-Current Characteristic:Definite;Operating (Trip) Indication:-2LED
<Mount:35mm Din-rail / Pane"


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